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"APPE furniture" is a featured brand of Nanning Millennium Arts and Crafts Stock Co., Ltd. specializing in artificial amber home decorations. SOUL TO CRYSTAL, this is the sole interpretation for Artificial Amber. Artificial Amber is processed by special design embeddingin high quality transparent acrylic resin.It is similar to crystal, resistance to aging and yellowing and embedded in a variety of materials.No wonder our modern design based on nature and sparkling crystal, APPE amber presents truth and beauty of nature. NATURAL APPE REMINDS FOR EVER, this is the core of  APPE. 

Fusion of modern and natural elements, APPE AMBER LIGHTING brings a new modern natural lifestyle to you. Appreciate the multi- elements, You can also explore the unique beauty of amber. It is a peaceful and protean world in our APPE Artificial Amber Lights.

Brand Positioning: Medium/ Top Grade Lights
    Consumer Positioning: Outstanding Young, Personality, Tastefully, Intellectuality, in Age 25~45
    years old.
    Brand Style: Modern Natural Style
    Brand Character: Combine Nature and Modern Art
    Brand Slogan: Come to where the nature is, appe amber.