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Technology in 2.013 million "cup" production safety gas volleyball finals
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(this) on August 2, 2.013 million technology cup "safe production" gas volleyball match successfully. ZongCaiBan with company united thrilling championship at dawn, jewelry manufacturing second team once again into second place, third place domestic act the role ofing manufacturing record well.
    Into the final of the race for the top three, unprecedented intense competition, the situation in the score are almost the same, 17:00, third-place match manufacturing VS accessories manufacturing four team take the lead in domestic act the role ofing, key match, both sides took out best battle, after the game start, tapping, prevention and remediation, the teams are each have excellent performance, no, the game into the white-hot stage, the two sides battle to shall lie flat, the audience also nervous, home act the role ofing manufacturing end in a record drop points, thrilling with the first inning.
    Second inning swap space war again, home act the role ofing manufacturing on a game to win, highly motivated, YueZhanYueYong, team cooperation tacit understanding, the team power button will smash scoring again and again, with a wave of 8:1 small high tide, some accessories manufacturing four team overwhelmed, and lost the first game, the morale effect, finally to achieve a set again, total score 2-0 defeat to domestic act the role ofing the fabrication, the bronze.

Focus of the same title game, group the two sides have faced, ZongCaiBan united with dawn company is 1:2 regrets, meet again, is knowing that, ZongCaiBan united win for his name, with the dawn company accessories manufacturing second team wanted to conquer opponents fold the champions league again, before the strained atmosphere. Morning and entered the game, ZongCaiBan company united attack dint strong, jewelry manufacturing second team cooperation tacit understanding, tactical nimble, the two sides use of their advantages, we pick up points to all flat, game to tense moment, who wants to take a minute, who might take advantage, eventually ZongCaiBan and dawn company united scored two points for skilled tactical skills, to beat each other, he won the first game.
    After the opening game of the second inning, ZongCaiBan keep lead with dawn company united, but the gap is not big, slightly opened the score, jewelry manufacturing team and gave chase, and shall lie flat, jewelry manufacturing teams right to serve, the audience on the sidelines Shouting to hold serve, the ball firmly in a network, the other two were error, jewelry manufacturing teams win mark, total the score 1-1 draws on both sides, the game into the decider.
    Decider, ZongCaiBan with dawn company united more violent attack, spiking score, and the jewelry manufacturing team loss, two successive points, ZongCaiBan and dominant company united situation at dawn, the second half of the bureau of jewelry manufacturing second team picks up, tie points to the 11:11, and even take two points, do state, in the lead, ZongCaiBan united with color, also with the dawn and even attack 2 points, therefore, championship battle to orgasm, the audience applauded for it. Critical moment, ZongCaiBan united with dawn company rely on the team will buckle with two superb drop scored two points, the final decider's victory, the total score of 2:1 chan league, jewelry manufacturing team 2 sorry again into second place.