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(this) in nanning city safety bureau organization and guidance by the open area, May 30 to June 30, a month of "safe production month" activities, to cope with the open area safety bureau to carry out the "safe production month" activities, we set up the steering committee "safe production month" activities, in order to "strengthening foundation, promote the development of security" as the theme, carry out various forms, rich content of the "safe production month" activities, activities are:
    A, safety propaganda and mobilization. Within the scope of the company carrying out the "safe production month" campaign. Suspension safety publicity slogans, banners, do wall paper includes, vigorously create an atmosphere of activity, knowledge of the general staff do safety month.
    Second, the safety knowledge learning. Group company within the scope of the safety knowledge, safety month safety knowledge, review a company staff people, departments of organization learning, and examination, in the form of safety knowledge contest winners rewarded.
    Third, production safety warning education. Organize employee to watch the fire safety accident education education such as CDS, warning education combined with the typical cases in this company.
    Four, in the company-wide organization to carry out the security hidden danger. Organization committee members of the company and each department relevant personnel to our company security hidden danger big screen, do not stay dead Angle, potential for screening out, make improvement scheme, carry out the responsibility, to complete the rectification within a time limit.
    Five, the fire drill. Invited by the open area fire squadron fire expert professor on-the-spot demonstration when sudden fire escape, fire knowledge and practical experience, skilled use of fire equipment, let employees to add security to production safety.
    Six, the organization to carry out the "cup" production safety worker gas volleyball, enhance the atmosphere of "safe production month" activities, improve the awareness of production safety.
    Through the conduct propaganda, training and other "safe production month" activities, form a "safe by my side" atmosphere, to further strengthen the awareness of safety. Fully with "safety production month" activities as an opportunity to make the company staff safety cognition level to a higher level, and will require throughout the daily work, persistent implementation progress, really realize the idea of "safety first".

safety propaganda

Viewing learning of employees

Hidden perils in safety meeting

Instructor do demonstration

Employees involved in the fire drill

"Cup" production safety gas volleyball match kicked off