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Raise awareness, prevent ahead - one thousand process in the first quarter of 20
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(this) is a progress to strengthen the fire control propaganda and improve the fire safety consciousness of the workers, on March 21, nanning technology co., LTD., invited one thousand nanning citizens fire prevention propaganda service center high teacher, Ann for each division, department, workshop management personnel, and some of the production line staff, carried out fire control safety knowledge popularization seminar. The company nearly 50 employees attended the training.

High teacher combined with recent national, especially nanning several typical fire cases, explained in detail for the employees to carry out the importance of fire safety education, how to prevent fire and treatment of early fire, fire alarm, self-help and evacuation, and a fire extinguisher, toxic smoke mask the use of fire equipment such as fire control safety knowledge, and on how to promote the enterprise fire safety work carried on the thorough communication with all of you.

Miss gao to show common electrical safety concerns

Combined with the actual, rich in content, methods, and effective lectures, won the applause of all the trainees. Nearly one hour fire safety knowledge lectures, participate in training the staff fire safety consciousness, fire extinguishing ability is also improved. In the future work, the company will continue to improve employee fire safety consciousness, strengthening the fire safety management of the enterprise, implement the responsibility system for fire control safety, from various aspects carry on fire control safety management work!